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    The Chaplaincy Wardens and Council

    In the Church of England the Chaplaincy Wardens have a good deal of responsibility. They provide leadership to the Chaplaincy Council and represent the interests of the congregations to the Chaplain, Archdeacon and Bishops.  In the absence of a Chaplain, they control most matters of local church governance.   


    To contact the Chaplaincy Wardens phone


    952 400006    Rosella Macchi Parmiter


    654 618 818    Jenny Wright



    Members of the Chaplaincy Council (2019-20)
    Lay Vice-chair
    Rosella Parmiter
    Chaplaincy Wardens (see above)

    Representatives to the Archdeaconry Synod: 

    Gloria Hall, Ged Harrison

    Wardens of the individual congregations:

    Annie Houlbrooke, Gloria Hall from Malaga

    Andria Birtles, Peter Read from Velez-Malaga;

    Treasurer: Bele Zemlin

    Secretary: Ged Harrison

    Council Members:  Judith Kramer, Jennifer Vernon-Smith.

    Safeguarding Officer: Ged Harrison

    Electoral Roll Officer: Judith Kramer



    Organist and Director of Music

    Dr. David Harrison