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The Anglican Chaplaincy of Saint George, Malaga, covers the area from Torremolinos in the west to the outskirts of Nerja in the east and to the northern edge of Malaga province.

​We hold weekly services at St George’s Church in Malaga city and in our chapel in Velez-Malaga.  ​Our Clergy also provide pastoral care to the English-speaking community in the city of Malaga and the surrounding area.​

​​The Chaplaincy is a part of the Diocese in Europe of the Church of England.  We welcome into our fellowship not only those within the Anglican Communion but all who wish to share in our life and worship, whether permanent residents, regular visitors or holidaymakers.

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Fr. Louis Darrant, Chaplain of St. George Malaga


‘I’m feeling so lost’ said someone to me recently. It’s not uncommon and there’s  no shame in sharing it. To recognise the feeling in oneself is the beginning of  taking responsibility for what can be chosen and not allow ourselves to be solely  at the mercy of events. To name as best we can that which we sense in our hearts  will never ultimately fail us. We can’t be certain about how any situation will work out, but we can give the Holy Spirit something to work with: some silence, some  prayer, some conversation, some reading; indeed anything which plants seeds of  good hope in our hearts to alleviate anxiety and fear. What is the opposite of  faith? Not doubt, but control. Can trying to control a situation ever lead to peace  in our hearts? An Orthodox monk once wrote, ‘Find peace in your own heart and  a thousand others will be saved.’ 

I’m calling this modest little column ‘Waymarks’ because it suggests that  something of what is going on each time we meet to offer our worship. We renew  our trust in the One who provides not with visible certainties (how boring would  that be?) but promises us that,  whatever we are going through, we do not go through it  alone. In the company of each other, yes, but even in the moments of necessary  solitude (even aloneness) there is a mystical presence of companionship and friendship. I read recently that the Christian Gospel (the good news given to us in Christ) is  not about explaining everything that happens in the world, but helping us to live  peacefully and with good humour in all of life’s absurdities. Those brands of  religion that try to package everything into a neat system leave me cold and  uninspired. God is more likely to be found and known in the paradoxes and the  contradictions of life.  

Waymarks are found on ancient paths. They are a reminder that many others have  walked the paths we are on, and the pointers on the way keep us going to the next  crossroads at least. Sometimes God calls us to forge new paths to make life a little  easier for those who come after us. Feeling lost? That well may be, but you are  exactly where you are and even though it may feel like it, God has no intention of  leaving you to fend for yourself. Look for the next waymark as your path unfolds.

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Our regular weekly services:


St George’s Church, Malaga:    

Sunday 11.00 am: Holy Communion

(Sung Eucharist)


Sunday 10.30 am: Holy Communion

Do come and join us - a warm welcome awaits you!

Avenida de Pries 1, Malaga


Wardens: Gloria Hall

Tel: 606 70 69 75

Rosella Parmiter

Tel: 638 33 96 91

Calle Linares 7, Velez-Malaga


Warden: Rebecca Higgins

Tel: 608 06 38 73

Safeguarding Officer: safeguarding@stgeorgemalaga.org - phone: 699 847 835

Church and cemetery
Church and cemetery

Church and cemetery
Church and cemetery


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